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Clamp Vortex Flow Meter

Accurance: liquid :1.0%;gas and stream:1.5%


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Insertion vortex flow meter works based on Carmen and Strouhal relevant spiral produce and on the theory of the flow relationship. As shown in picture, In the meter body vertical insert a triangular prism root namely the happening of the body, when eddies of medium flow through the table body, in triangular prism behind the alternate produce in opposite directions regular karman swirl,its spiral separation and the flow of the medium frequency F speed by sensing head is proportional to the V detected the number of spiral,can measure the flow velocity,again according tp the table body mouth.


  1.  Liquid
  2. Dry gas
  3. Wet gas
  4. Wet steam
  5. Saturated steam
  6. Superheated steam


1.Flange&body: integrally forged pieces, it will avoid break down into pieces. 100% SS304 material,we can provide material report.
  2.Circuit Board: Digital circuit board,anti most of the supplier use analog circuit board,digital circuit board enjoy the advantages of anti-vibration and anti-interference.
  3.Flow converter: Distinctive modular design, amateurs can operate, disassemble and assemble easily, it will avoid accident risks.
  4.Welding: adopt the advanced fish scale technology,which makes the welding seam looks nice and smooth.
  5.Japan OVAL technology with embedded-type sensor, triangular prism will not fall off, we already apply for patent.
  6.Our medium temperature sensor can measure highest temperature around 350,normal it is -40~250




working principle



Ambient requirements to Instrument Installation
1. Please keep away from strong electrical equipment, high-frequency equipment and strong switching
power supplies as far as possible. Please separate power supply for Instrument with these devices.
2. Avoid the direct effect of high temperature heat and radiation sources. If it must be installed, measures
for thermal insulation and ventilation must be taken.
3. Avoid the gas environments with high temperature and strong corrosion. If it must be installed,
measures for ventilation must be taken.
4. Vortex flow meter should be avoided to mount on pipeline with strong vibration. If it must be installed,
piping fastening device shall be added at the place of 2D both upstream and downstream, as well as
anti-vibration pad, to strengthen vibration resistance effect.
5. The instrument is preferably mounted in the room. Please pay attention to water if installed outdoors.
Cable should be bent into U shaped at the electrical interface to avoid water entering into the amplifier
housing along the cable.
6. Ample space around the installation site should be left for installation wiring and regular maintenance

Installation Requirements to Pipes
There are certain requirements to upstream and downstream straight pipes at installation point,
otherwise it will affect the flowing of medium in the pipe, thus affect measurement accuracy.
Please see below figure for requirements to upstream and downstream straight pipe length.
DN: nominal diameter Unit: mm



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