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Application of battery powered electromagnetic flow meter


Battery powered electromagnetic flow meter is mainly designed for the water industry .it meets the urban water supply to ensure accurate calculation .it is widely used in urban water supply ,urban heating ,sewage treatment and water conservancy projects.
It is not affected by water quality, no entanglement ,blockage, almost no pressure loss and can work continuously for a long-time .KFKC battery powered electromagnetic flow meter is more suitable for large flow heating.

On the basis of accurate measurement ,the battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeters integrate the instrumentation and control parts to realize the automatic cut-off and connection operation of the pipeline. The intelligent electric regulating valve moves slowly when it is opened ,avoiding the excessively fast liquid flow rate ,which will cause damage to the instrument itself and prevent dangerous accidents.

KFKC battery powered electromagnetic flow meters are with good stability ,high accuracy and strong anti-interference ability .it realizes automatic bi-directonal measurement, display instantaneous flow ,forward and reverse total flow. Meanwhile ,it has powerful storage and wireless remote transmission functions.

When installing a battery powered magnetic flowmeter ,need to avoid the location of strong electromagnetic field, for example large motors, large transformers ,etc . during installation ,should be no strong vibration which is convenient for installation and maintenance.


KFKC INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD specializes in the production of electromagnetic flowmeter ,turbine flow meter ,vortex flowmeter ,throtting device series for 25 years,complete specifications, various forms, can meet your different needs in different occasions.



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