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How Often A Customer Should Calibrate His Instruments


How often a customer should calibrate his instruments. Unfortunately there is no straight answer to this ,at least not one that always be correct. Instead there is a variables that should be taken into account when deciding the calibration period for any measurement device. Lets take a quick look at these variables.

Many manufacturers provide a recommendation for measurement devices calibration period. Or they have stability specification given for different calibration period . flowing the manufacturers recommendations is an easy and good starting point .

When you install a measurement instrument into your process ,it is important to know what the accuracy requirements for that specific installation location are .not all the place in a factory where you install similar transmitters have the same accuracy need. The installed equipments specification compared to the need of the installed location will affect the calibration period .if you install a very accurate transmitter into a location that does no have a high accuracy need ,it can be calibrated less often. You dont have to flow the specifications of that installed equipment.

The criticality of a measurement location is one important factor related to the calibration period . the more critical location should naturally be calibrated more often than less critical location.

The workload or operating conditions of a measurement device is also affect how often it should be calibrated. If it is used very often or in very harsh operating conditions, it is good to calibrate it more often .



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