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Maintenance knowledge of electromagnetic flowmete


Maintenance knowledge of electromagnetic flowmeter
The electromagnetic flowmeter converter has a self-diagnostic function. In addition to power and hardware circuit failures,faults that occur in general applications can be correctly given.
Alarm information
Electromagnetic flowmeters are common faults
Maintenance and maintenance mainly have the following aspects:

  1. Excitation alarm

When this phenomenon occurs, check whether the excitation wiring x and y are open, check whether the resistance value of the excitation coil is normal ,and the determine whether the converter has malfunction .

  1. The measured flow is not accurate

When this happens ,it should be checked whether the fluid is filled with the sensor measuring tube ,the signal line connection is normal ,check the sensor coefficient, sensor zero? whether the point is set normally by the sensor label or the factory checklist.

  1. Meter no display

When this fault occurs, first check whether the power supply is turned on ,check whether the power supply fuse is intact ,and check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements, such as if all the above are normal ,the converter should be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

  1. Empty tube alarm

When this problem occurs ,measure whether the fluid fills the sensor measuring tube and check that the signal wiring is correct. Check if the flow sensor electrode is normal .use a wire to short-circuit the converter signal input terminals a, b and c .at this time ,if the empty pipe alarm prompts to cancel ,the converter is normal.
There may be a low conductivity of the measured fluid or an empty tube threshold and an empty tube range setting error.


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