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Reasons and Solutions for magnetic flowmeter showing negative value


The failure of the electromagnetic flow meter during operation is often caused by factors such as the adhesion layer on the liner of the flow sensor ,lightning electric shock and environmental conditions.if the electromagnetic flowmeters have a negative flow value during use, there are likely to be several reasons:

  1. Electromagnetic flow meter sensor is not installed according to the flow direction indicator, causing the flow to be reversely measured .at this time ,the instantaneous flow rate is a negative value.Solution: reinstall the electromagnetic flowmeters and follow the sensor flow direction.
  2. Signal line of the flow sensor is reversed .the electromagnetic flow meter has the function of the forward and reverse measurement, so the reverse flow will be displayed. Solution: the sensor signal line can be switched correctly.
  3. The pipe is empty or the liquid is not filled, and there are air and bubbles. At this time ,the phenomenon that the negative number or the flow value is suddenly large or small is displayed. Solution: the shrinkage or tilting installation can be used to fill the pipe with the measured medium, which allows the flowmeters to have measurement condition.

There is also a case where the flow rate of the electromagnetic flowmeter is negative .when the valve is opened, the instantaneous flow will case the pipe liquid to recirculate ,resulting in a negative value.



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