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Electromagnetic Flowmeter Types


At present ,electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in fields such as farmland irrigation, industrial chemicals, urban water supply, and enterprise production. Usually ,as far as the liquid measurement is concerned ,the electromagnetic flow meter should be considered first. Magnetic flowmeter has high measuring accuracy, easy installation and no damage. The inner lining of the sensor is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion ,it also could resist high pressure medium .
There are no moving parts inside ,no blockage of the pipe ,no pressure loss. The transmitter has the function of liquid crystal display ,which can display the information of accumulative flow ,instantaneous flow ,flow rate, system alarm and so on . the internal use of high-precision digital chip ,strong anti-interference ability ,fast data processing and characteristics has obvious advantages in the measurement and use process.
There are many classification methods of electromagnetic flowmeters, and each classification has a specific product corresponding to it . we know the method of product classification ,which can better help us choose and use products correctly .the specific classification method are as follows:

  1. According the electromagnetic flow meter converter and sensor assembly method ,there are split type and integrated type;
  2. According to the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor and pipeline connection ,there are flange type, clamping type, insert type and thread type
  3. according to the electromagnetic flow meter sensor structure classification ,there are pipeline type and plug-in type(inserted electromagnetic flowmeter)
  4. according to the classification of electromagnetic flowmeter,there are general-purpose ,explosion-proof, sanitary, submersible.

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