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Radar level Meter

Measuring range:30 meters
Process connection:Thread G1? A /Frame /Flange
Temperature:-40 ~ 100
Process pressure :Normal pressure
Precision:  3mm


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Radar level meter antenna by narrow microwave pulse, the pulse propagation in space at the speed of light, meet the measured medium surface, the part of the energy to be reflected back, by the same antenna. Emission pulses and the time interval of the received pulse and the antenna to the measured medium surface is proportional to the distance. Due to the electromagnetic wave propagation and very high speed, pulse and receiving pulse time interval is very small (nanosecond) it is difficult to confirm, 90X series of 26G radar level meter adopts a special demodulation technology, can accurately identify the transmitted pulse and pulse interval, thus further calculate the antenna to the measured medium surface distance.

A :Range Set

B :Low Adjustment

C :High Adjustment

D :Blind Area

Datum measurement: Screw thread bottom or the sealing surface of the flange

Note: Make sure the radar level meter the highest level cannot enter the measuring blind area (Figure D shown below).


Characteristics of water conservancy industry application:

    • Radar level meter adopts a recommended industry emission frequency of 26GHz, so it has beam angle is small, concentrated energy, has stronger anti-interference ability and greatly improves the precision and reliability of measurement.
    • Small antenna size, easy to install and dustproof cover antenna protection device.
    • Light weight about 1KG, easy to install.
    • The measurement range of up to 70 meters, covering a large reservoir water level measurement.
    • With a variety of output circuit interface and data acquisition system.
    • The pulse working mode, radar level meter transmit power is very low, no harm to human body and environment.



    1. Application: Rivers, Lakes, Shoal
      Measuring Range: 30 meters
      Process Connection: Thread G1? A /Frame /Flange
      Temperature: -40 ~ 100
      Process Pressure: Normal pressure
      Precision:  3mm
      Frequency Range: 26GHz
      Protection Grade: IP67 / IP65
      Power Supply: (6 - 24V) DC  / Four-wire
      24V DC / Two? wire
      The Signal output:? RS485 / Modbus? ( 6~24V? DC)
      4~20mA / Hart? Two? wire ( 24V DC)
      The Scene Display: Optional
      Shell: Aluminum / Plastic



    •  Rivers, Lakes, Shoal



Production Process

Technical Parameters

The outer shell?

The seal between the shell and the shell cover?

Silicone rubber

Casing window Polycarbonate
The ground terminal Stainless steel

The power supply voltage

Four wire system (624) V DC / RS485? Modbus ?/ Power dissipation ??90mW
Two wire system DC 24V /? 4~20mA? ?/ Power dissipation? 0.75W

Allowable ripple

- <100Hz?/Uss<lV

- (100100K) Hz/Uss<l0mV

The cable parameters

Cable entrance / plug 1 M20xl.5 cable entrance

1 blind plug

Terminal Conductor cross section 1.0mm2

Output parameters

The output signal RS485/ Modbus?(6~24V? DC)
  4~20mA / Hart?Two?wire ( 24V DC)
Communication protocol Modbus?control / HART
Resolution 1.6A
Fault signal Constant current output; 20. 5mA




The integral time (0 ~ 36) s, adjustable
Blind area the ends of the antenna
The maximum distance measurement ?908---30 meters
  ?909---70 meters
Microwave frequency 26GHz
The measurement interval

about 1 second (depending on the parameter settings)

Adjust the time

about 1 second (depending on the parameter settings)

Display resolution

1 mm

Working storage and transportation temperature (-4070)
Process temperature (the temperature of the antenna part) (-40100)

Normal atmospheric pressure

Seismic Mechanical vibration l0m/s2, (10 ~ 150) Hz






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