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Orifice plate

SS304 Standard Orifice Plate

Size2" to 40" (larger line size available on application)
pressure: 150# to 2500# (Higher Pressure Available On Application)
Restrictor Material:SS304, SS316, Monel, Inconel & Hastelloy (Other Material Available On Application)
Flange Material:Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, (Other Material Available On Application)


Overview Technical data Inquiry


    • simple structure, convenient for assembly ,correct measurement, without actual flow calibration;
    • low manufacturing cost, flange tapping, diameral-distance tapping;
    • corner tapping, flange tapping ,diameral-distance tapping;
    • accuracy is proper,0.5%-1.5%
    • the accessory complete,the design and calculation can be done for the customer.
    • The plate handles are stamped with relevant information such as tag No.,Line I.D, bore size as an example.

    Technical parameters

    Assembly consists of

      • 2x flanges
      • Studs&Nuts
      • Gasket(if raised face type)
      • Orifice plate

      Application criteria

      • wide range flowing medium properties
      • medium for manifold
      • no maintenance requirements
      • space challenges
      • moderate measurement accuracy

      Line size:2 to 40(larger line size available on application)
      Pressure:150# to 2500#(Higher pressure available on application)
      Restrictor material:SS304,SS316,Monel,Inconel&Hastelloy(other material available on application)
      Flange standard :ANSI, ASME,JIS ,JPI,DIN,GB,JB
      Flange material: carbon steel ,stainless steel ,(other material available on application)
      Trim: carbon steel, stainless steel ,(other material available on application)
      Studs,Nuts: Carbon steel ,Stainless steel

      Differential pressure Tap type: Pipe,NPT, Flanged,Valve





?Normally,the mode to connect the throttling device and the pipe line is welding,attention must be paid for this structure:First of all,two sections of nipples that are same as the processing pipe line shall be selected, the length shall be between 100-500mm,the end face of the nipples should be plane, they shall be firmly welded in butt welding to the two flanges associated withe the throttling device respectively,then, the throttling device with a section of nipple shall be welded in butt welding to the processing pipe line.





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